For my eighth birthday I received a special gift from a family friend.
It wasn't a pogo stick, (something I desperately wanted at the time) nor was it another piece to my collection of games, dolls and toys. 

I received a gift that I would have to work hard at to make it into something beautiful.  

That day I received 10 fat quarter pieces of pink, blue and green fabric. At the time I appreciated them, but I wasn't sure how to use them or where to start. 

This was the start of a long project.  I would spend days planning, cutting sewing and piecing together colorful fabrics. I would then put the project away for awhile and get it out again...... and put it away. This has been repeated throughout the years with sprints of success, mixed with slow sure progression.  
I took this project out again today, and thought "Wow! I did this?"

Sometimes when we look back at life and realize how overwhelmed we once were from a certain task or decision that we had to make, and then we realize that this once overwhelming thing has become a beautiful peace of work. A quilt wasn't on the list of being extremely important, but I look at this quilt and it reminded me that hard things, usually turn into something beautiful and amazing if we continue to work at it.  This quilt took me a long time to finish, but life is not race. right? I am not suggesting that a person take 17 years to get something done, but  what I am saying, is that tasks that seem so big will eventually become smaller with hard work.  The gift of hard work seemed more beautiful in my eyes, than the store bought quilt. 


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