#1- Spicy Grilled Chicken Club with Honey-Sriracha Mayonnaise


This Spicy Grilled Chicken Club is so good. Busy Mommy created this sandwich to fit any age. She added the kraft singles to cater to the kids and added the jalepenos for adults, which are easily removable (Although I'm sure I will be keeping them on). This sandwich is made with grilled chicken, bacon, spinach, avocado, cheese, jalenpeno, and a sriracha mayonnaise

#2-Easy Grilled Thai Coconut Curry Chicken


If drumsticks are your thing, go to All Day I Dream About Food. They put a great twist on regular ole drumsticks and turned them into a tantalizing Thai style main dish. Let's face it, drumsticks are great for large families, because they are cheap and you can make tons of them all at one time.  My recommendation would be to make a large quantity of two different kinds of drumsticks. That way everyone can see which ones they like better. 

#3-Pretzel Buns


Okay people! This is one of my favorites! You can make burgers on these things and they are incredible! You can make these homemade at Yammie's Noshery, or to make it faster and easier on yourself. Costco has just started selling these babies and they are to die for. I can eat ten all by myself.

#4-Mac and Cheese


We probably eat mac and cheese once a year and memorial day could be it. This is the recipe for classic mac and cheese. We usually like to use a basic recipe and put a twist on it. We like to add in diced jalepeno or green pepper, green onions, and different varieties of cheese besides sharp cheddar. We usually add in the Dubliner Irish cheese, because it is very strong and gives it a lot of flavor. By the time we are done we have about 5 different cheeses mixed in. Doesn't it look good?

#5-Slow Cooker Ribs


This is a great idea if you are going to be out for most of the day. If you want to have incredible ribs ready for you when you get home, you have to try this recipe.  This is done in your crock pot with a few steps after you take them out, overall they are pretty easy and so delicious.

#6- Potato Salad


I picked this one mainly because I wanted an excuse to talk about purple potatoes. This recipe from the food network looks great. You could make this recipe with regular potatoes, but purple potatoes are much prettier.           They are also very healthy for you. They are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanin, which an immune system booster found in darker produce such as pomegranates and berries. potato salad is a big thing for barbecues, so why not mix it up a little bit and surprise people with these purple beauties.

#7- Best Cornbread 


If you need an easy side. This is a pretty good way to go. This cornbread is a little more moist than your traditional cornbread. It is made from a boxed corn bread mixed with a yellow cake mix. Cornbread is usually too dry, so this one does it for me.

#8- Fruit Salsa


All I can say is yum. This a great dish for barbecues instead of your regular fruit bowl. I have to warn you though it may be more like a dessert with the cinnamon chips. 

#9-Five Different Vegetable Fry Recipes


If potato salad isn't your thing, these are great because you can do them all in your oven, no deep fryer necessary. There is a recipe for Spiced Sweet Potato Fries, Zucchini Fries, and regular oven baked steak fries amongst others .  Personally I have always wanted to try these Avocado Fries.

#10-Homemade Fruit Popsicles


I was able to find a pomegranate recipe that I will be trying. These are great for barbecues and for the kids on a hot day. Not as sugary as store bought popsicles and very refreshing.

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