We did some serious picking today in the garden and this isn't even all of it. We have already made 4 quarts salsa and now we will be making another batch. I am so addicted. Now I need to find some information on a canning a little bit of this so we can have some once winter hits. 

So for the people that have been asking for Sterling's salsa recipe...

Here it is
Please treat this recipe with care
This is his secret recipe and it's amazing!

Sterling's Spicy Salsa

The trick is to use many different types of peppers. I always thought just one or two types of peppers would be fine for salsa, but if you have this type of mentality just for the sake of not wanting it too hot, you are missing out! All of the different peppers have a different flavor that it adds to the salsa. You can always use less seeds if you can't handle much hotness.

Oh yea, and this makes about 4 quarts of salsa people!

12-14 Tomatoes (homegrown if possible) 
1 Jalepeno
1 habenero
 1 serrano
1/2 Pasilla pepper 
1 Ghost pepper (optional for very hot salsa)
1 can of chipolte diced tomatoes
1/2 bunch cilantro
1 purple onion
 6 cloves garlic
2 green onion
Sterling even threw in a handful of grape tomatoes

Salt and pepper to taste.


9/24/2012 13:25:39

Thanks! I am so excited to try it! :)


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