Have you ever thought about how much you are spending on makeup remover, or those expensive face washes. Since my skin in sensitive I have had to go natural in this department. I was able to find a mild and natural product that is not expensive at all.
It's called Witch Hazel. Usually they have it at the health food stores for a little over $4. Really I just get the T.N. Dickinson's brand at Target for about $3.50 and it's the exact same thing. If you go there at the right time, they usually have a $1 off coupon too! 

I'm sure you are saying "Yes Hayley I am always at Target, but why should I buy this stuff when I can just use my other face washes?"

Reasons to use Witch Hazel:

It's among the handful of beauty products where you can pronounce every ingredient

It is 100% natural and it's a gentle cleanser

It conditions skin without removing essential moisture

It also reduces the appearance of pores

It's inexpensive and it works!

It is also good for easing skin irritations such as scrapes, cuts and bug bites.

If I haven't convinced you, and you still want to use your makeup remover cloths, or face cleansers, I would still recommend that you use this afterwards. It is great for your skin.

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