St Patty's day makes me want to celebrate the Irish lad in my life. 
So my Sterling... it seems that this is your post.

You are my Irish Blessing

I can't get enough of your big laughs and warm hugs.
Thank you for encouraging me in my interests, putting up with my moods and giving me the love and support that I need. 

Top o' the mornin to ya

I think you noticed already that I set our alarm in the morning earlier than needed. 
It's mostly because I thoroughly enjoy your hugs and snuggling and I love spending time with you before we get going with our busy days.
Thank you for never complaining about getting up earlier, even though sometimes we are both tired. 

You are my pot of gold

You have the biggest heart and I love seeing you serve so many people around you.
You are the biggest example to me!
You continue to amaze me with the accomplishments and
 progress you are making with your education.
I love seeing you with the babies in our lives. You are going to be such an amazing and loving dad. I couldn't ask for a better husband and friend.

I'm not just lucky... I am blessed

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