The principle of hard work and delayed gratification.
Often times this is one of the hardest principles.

There are things in my life that I look at and say "This is way too hard to follow through with" or "why can't this just be a little easier?" As human beings we often tell ourselves we can't do certain things or that we are not good enough. Sometimes we think that tasks take too much time and we would rather just have  it right now!  Sometimes it is extremely hard to follow through, because many goals take time, consistency and a whole lot of patience. 
I saw this sign out at lunch one day and I thought it was very wise advice. Me and my Sterling have been working on our schooling. Sterling is working toward becoming a doctor and it takes a lot of time, hard work and money. Although, I look at this sign as  more of a temporal aspect (work hard at school now, for stability later), it got me thinking about the deeper meaning of why working hard at goals and desires are important. Why is it important to go outside of our comfort zones, why do we have to spend so much time making decisions and carrying out tasks that we hope will turn out how we would like them to?

God wants us to work hard so that we can learn and grow. 
What if I was given a degree today without having to spend the time and money? I think I would be kind of happy for a minute, but I don't think I would appreciate it as much. Better yet, if my husband were handed all of the knowledge he needed and a degree in medicine today (again that would be awesome for a minute), would this really teach him anything? God wants us to experience the principle of hard work. He wants us to experience challenges and he wants to teach us patience. That is why being handed everything is not the way he works.

I am slowly learning how important work is and that we can do anything with God's help. God has given us gifts, talents and abilities that are far greater than we could ever imagine. It may take time, dedication, and sincere prayer to find and develop these gifts. It is the process that refines us and not necessarily the end goal. 

God will help us through the process and refine us
When looking at a task or desire, Sometimes we feel like we don't have much to offer, but a loving Heavenly Father knows that this is not the case. I think that it is very appropriate to ask God for help with any inadequacies we may feel. When it comes to inadequacies,  I have often found that when I compare myself with others, the hope of accomplishment plummets and goals become overwhelming. Look to a loving Heavenly Father rather than the false reality of someone else's perfect life.

Anything is possible with God in our lives. 
The only person that God will compare us with is our own selves. He knows us individually, he knows our hearts, and there is no need to compare yourself to one single person on this planet. It is extremely appropriate to ask God any and every minute of the day to help you in every aspect of your life. Some may think that God is too great to listen to such a small person. God loves us more than we will ever comprehend (at least while we are on this earth) and he will listen and help us in every thought and every need if we just ask.  

Since this has turned into a rambling of more than I thought I would get into, here is what I am basically saying....

Work hard and enjoy the now. 
Do not waste another moment comparing
spend the time researching, contemplating and pondering decisions
 make prayerful decisions, 
work hard and work in steps.
Remember that God loves us and wants us to succeed.

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