We went to Fish Lake with my family again this year and it was ridiculously fun. There is something about being out on a boat all day that is extremely relaxing to me. 
There was one point where I fell asleep and found that I had a fish on my line. I think it was "BIG FISH". It was a big fight that he won. One day I will catch the huge lake trout that come out of that lake................... 
Sterling was laughing here because he hated touching the Perch fish. They feel like sandpaper. I think he got over it though. 
Night fishing was the best! This is when we where catching the big fish. I went out with the boys on the second night and it took me awhile to start catching fish, but I was determined that I would put up with the cold and the fact that I had to go to the bathroom. I wasn't going to leave until I caught some of these big fish. I finally started catching them and it was so much fun!! I think my brother Todd had a lot of fun too. It was his 30th birthday while we were there and he absolutely loves to fish. I'm pretty sure he really liked his birthday. 
Then we went home

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