Why protein powder is great:

I am not a big fan of soy protein because I think that we get enough, maybe too much soy in our diets. Quite honestly I don't think soy is a very healthy way to go. There are so many other great protein powders out there that are a healthier option than soy protein. This is a great list of protein powders that I have tried. They are all great and high quality. I prefer to go with a good whey protein or a raw protein that is plant based.
This is a great flax and whey protein made by MRM. The vanilla flavor is great. This is a protein powder that I would recommend rather than soy. 
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This is a very high quality raw, plant based protein powder. Unlike other plant protein powders this has a smooth texture.
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This is a raw protein powder made by Garden of Life. This is great because it contains probiotics and enzymes
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The main thing is to do your research when looking for any supplement. Your health is important and it's a great idea to understand how these different supplements can improve your health or help you loose weight.

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